On-Site Professional Development

Invite ActiveMath to come to your district or school to provide hands-on, dynamic mathematics professional development. Our on-site workshops will actively engage your staff in “doing” mathematicsdirectly aligned to the Common Core State Standards. So please give us a call to discuss your professional development needs.

We pride ourselves in customizing professional development to meet the unique needs of your school or district. Some of the workshops we provide are listed below—and all can be customized. So let us know your needs, and we will work with you to provide solutions.

  • Primary Algebra: Using Hands-on Activities to Develop Algebraic Thinking, Gr. K–4
  • Strategies for Teaching Whole Number Concepts and Computation
  • Strategies for Teaching Fractions
  • Strategies for Teaching Decimals and Percent
  • Energizing the Common Core, Gr. 3–6
  • Strategies for Teaching Problem Solving, Gr. 5–8
  • Focussing on the Common Core in the Active Math Classroom, Gr. 3–6
  • Energizing the Common Core State Standards, Gr. 5–8
  • Preparing to Teach Common Core Algebra, Gr. 4–8
  • Mathematics Explorations: Detective-Style Activities for the Real World, Gr. 6–9
  • Strategies for Teaching Algebra I
  • Energizing the Common Core, Gr. 5–9
  • The Math You Need for the Real World: Mathematical Literacy, Gr. 6–10
  • Teaching Statistics for the Real World, Gr. 6–10
  • Teaching Probability for the Real World, Gr. 6–10
  • Probabilities in Gaming, Gr. 7–12
  • Financial Literacy, Gr. 6–12

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